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November 2008
Pulp Net - contact
Our editorial submissions process is online and can be found under (Re)act. Senders who are unable to use email, or organisations that wish to make contact regarding possible connections, collaborations and future projects, may write to: Pulp Net, HNCC, 25 Bertram St, London, N19 5DQ, England.
Pulp Net is a registered Charity No. 1100875
Recent projects
As well publishing its online magazine, in 2006-7 Pulp Net delivered a variety of talks, literary events and workshops at venues that ranged from professional development courses and conferences for writers to public-facing events at arts festivals. To find out more, click here.
Vision and values
• Pulp Net presents high quality short stories by writers from across the UK and occasionally beyond, many of them selected from open submissions
• Pulp Net maintains consistently high professional standards on a par with the best of print publishing
• Pulp Net’s strong equal opportunities policy ensures people from across Britain’s varied communities are represented in its activities, as audience, writers and participants
• Offline workshops and events in a variety of settings, formal and informal, encourage a range of communities to learn more about writing, and to write for publication. to request an event in your area please get in touch in writing (address below).
• Pulp Net is readily accessible via the internet
• The organisation is lean and flexible, and Pulp Net’s projects deliver extremely good value for money in terms of audience reach and provision of participatory access
• Pulp Net welcomes feedback and approaches for new initiatives from writers, audiences and possible partners
Pulp Net - objectives
Pulp Net is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to advance the art and practice of literature, promote the art of literature for the public benefit, and encourage greater participation in literature creation. It does this via educational and participatory literary activities centred around the short story, which are conducted both online and offline.