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November 2008
My Literary Top 10:
Daphne Glazer

Top 10
Best short story I’ve ever read
A hard one this. ‘The Dead’ – James Joyce; ‘To Tempt a Woman’ – Claire Boylan; ‘Where The Carpet Ends’ – Shena Mackay. And all the linked short stories in Alice Monro’s Lives of Girls and Women.
Book I was forced to read at school which no child should have to study
I liked all the books we read at school but not at uni (Pope, Dryden etc).
Best film of the book I’ve seen
‘The Dead’ directed by John Huston.
Book I loved getting back to:
Brick Lane by Monica Ali; An Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler, The Blue Afternoon by William Boyd.
Book I would blush to be seen reading on public transport:
Any Mills & Boon.
The book that grabbed you at 14:
The answer is: Sons and Lovers by DH Lawrence, and also Wild Palms by Faulkner —I was a romantic then!
My favourite novel that no-one else seems to have heard of
Living by Henry Green.
My favourite bookshop
East West Bookshop in Baroda, Gujarat, India – a proper bookshop full of surprises.
Author I’d like to nominate for the Nobel Prize for Literature
Rohinton Mistry
Deceased author I’d most like to resurrect
Carol Shields because I miss her novels – I can’t believe I’ll never read any new ones.
A Sheffielder, bewitched by Hull, to date Daphne Glazer has written three novels and four collections of short stories. Many of her stories have been broadcast on Radio 4 and The World Service. Her latest novel Goodbye Hessle Road is published by Tindal Street Press. Daphne Glazer has given writing workshops in a variety of places, and is also a Quaker visiting minister to several prisons.