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November 2008
My Literary Top 10:
Sean Burn

Top 10
Best short story I’ve ever read
annie proulx - brokeback mountain: is that too long? then raymond carvers one more thing
My favourite opening line of a novel:
orwell 1984. yu know the opening. about it being a bright spring morning and the clock striking 13. something very english and very wrong.
Best ‘film of the book’
same answer as for question 1. (bbc made a short film of one more thing with keith allen a while back). sally potters take on orlandos amazing too.
My favourite novel that no-one else seems to have heard of
when the tree sings – stratis haviaras... its exciting to have writers no ones heard of not because its about some kind ov elitism but because its mapping that journey yu & yu alone have undertaken and found commonality of voice within & one yu can then sshare with others
Favourite collection of short stories in 2006
margaret atwood – the tent
The book I’d most like to reread, if I could find it again
eva svankmajerova - baradla cave
Book that should be on the national curriculum
yu know theres a kids book i’ve seen recently on the bloody curriculum that doesnt even have author; it was written by an education committee. i dont think any books should be on the curriculum instead people should be supported and encouraged to make discoveries for themselves – all literatures. if asked for personal recommendations i might start with tove jansson or lemony snicket, travel via philip pullmans dark materials trilogy on to hesses steppenwolf and atwoods oryx and crake
My favourite bookshop
ak press (uk) online. www.akuk.com
Author I’d like to nominate for the Nobel Prize for literature
caryl churchill, margaret atwood, bob dylan
Deceased author I’d like to arrange in conversation with another dead author
georg büchner and sarah kane – that would be an immense discussion i’d be privileged to serve coffee to.
sean burn is a writer, artist & performer with a growing international reputation. new plays for 2006 are voices, ghost-tag, & taking the blood ov butterflies. his most recent short films - stealing brecht & the terror we create are receiving screenings around europe. recent text-art projects include re:word for fold gallery, cumbria & válkaovocekristusvodadíte (warfruitchristwaterchild) for cesta, czech republic. skrev press are to publish his first full length prose collection – edgecities – and @ the edge (novella and prose) while wrecking ball press will publish his first full length poetry collection - never sleep with anyone whose got more scars than yu. he tours a new performance work speaksong - autumn 2006 with musician gareth mitchell for the gulbenkian canterbury/live-lit consortium. a cd will also be released